Russian Beauties in Boston
From March 28 to 31 the Middleboro Public Library will host an exhibition of Pavel Vaan, a famous Moscow-based fashion hair designer, art photographer and creative director of Le Colon Beauty Institute, Moscow. The collection of women portraits entitled Moscow Beauties is performed in the style of Russian subjective realism. The images are applied onto tight yet transparent material using the sublimation printing technique, which provides for unique volume and depth effects. The canvasses are 3.0 by 1.5 meters in size so, that the ladies in the pictures are depicted life-size, giving the visitor the overriding impression of their presence in the room. The pictures present common Muscovites. Each of them is placed in a beyond time space, so that we are witness of their inner dialogue and can percept not only their physical beauty, but spiritual one. Every destiny of every lady is peculiar, sometimes dramatic, but what happens to be more often - joyful, full of love and romance. The creator of these peculiar artworks, Pavel Vaan is a Lomonosov Moscow State University graduate who majored in humanitarian sciences and art.

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